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AI Policy Focus by APAC countries

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        China: Balancing data collection for economic benefit with individual privacy is a major challenge. Concerns exist about the potential for AI in social control and surveillance.

        South Korea: Data privacy and national defense security concerns are prominent, especially related to facial recognition technology. The country is also aiming to address ethical concerns around AI in healthcare and autonomous vehicles.
        Japan: Self-regulation and industry compliance, focusing on data breaches

        India: Data security and infrastructure limitations are key challenges. The government is focusing on developing regulations and promoting local AI research and development.

        Australia: Balancing transparency and national security interests is a concern. The country is also focusing on ethical AI development and addressing the potential impact of AI on the workforce.
        Singapore: Building trust and ensuring human oversight of AI systems is a top priority. The country is also focusing on upskilling the workforce to adapt to AI-driven job changes.

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